In-depth: OMEGA BOND SPECIAL, what’s will the next one?

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Sure, as you may know that he’s been faithful to the Seamaster since Goldfinger, however he’s also tried the Aqua Terra for size a few times – so there’s no reason why he couldn’t branch out into the brand’s other
The credits have hardly finished rolling on Spectre and already what are we thinking about is the near future. Will Daniel Craig pick up the replica Walther PPK one final time, and if not him, then who? (Opinion in the office is separated between Tom Hardy and Idris Elba, by the way.) However, more crucial even than the man himself is the timepiece he wears. There would be doubt that, though it’ll be Omega -however which one?
Bond attends a large number of big events, such as black tie events, casinos, gala openings, secret cabalistic meetings – you know, the usual. While dressy, it’s not fussily so, especially in the steel model with tungsten carbide bezel, which would defend itself well against dings or scratches caused by hapless henchmen. These occasions can degenerate into brawls and/or gun fights without a moment’s attention, which necessitates a watch that works just as well with a bow tie as it does a submachine gun, quite tricky. Our advice would be the Globemaster.
The odds are good that Bond will have future run-ins with sharks (perhaps equipped with lasers). In this case, since the underwater struggle is going to be inevitable, 007 could do a lot worse than replica Omega’s deep diving PloProf. In one hand, the new version is made of titanium which won’t weigh him down. At the same time, Q branch would have a field day with this thing. Just look at that giant, however, ton, just screaming ‘blow something up’.
Bond’s adventures have always followed geo-political trends – from Cold War Connery to Craig’s realist post-9/11 spy. Concerning this precedent along with our current real-world renewed interest in space, it’s not improbable that Bond will again venture into the final boundary – possibly a Martian mission is being hi-jacked, or a super-villain is plundering the resources of the moon for nefarious purposes. No matter what scenario, there’s no doubt the watch on his wrist should be Omega’s next generation moon watch. The feature packed digital Speedmaster X-33.
He might be a secret agent, however he’s always preferred the straight method, and he’s far more probable to confidently walk direct into the jaws of danger than ninja his way into a lair. Besides, it might not look pretty at first sight, but deep-down it’s beautiful.However, if he ever needed to swap the tailored dinner jacket for more tactical gear, this blacked-out ceramic Speedmaster would provide maximum stealthiness.
Although in recent movies and occasions, he tends to wear something new and modern, it can be certain that at his heart, there will always be a place for something classical and tradition. Thus, it can be broadcasted that it would be entirely appropriate for him to step out in a vintage piece. Concerning his naval background, is there any better option than this 1957 Omega Seamaster replica watches. (Does that lollipop hand look familiar?) Plus it’d go brilliantly with his Aston Martin DB5.