The Bremont New Release

At their villa launch in March, brammont unveiled a new arrowhead timepiece, continuing their journey to create sturdy but aesthetically pleasing aviation-style replica watches with a certain British allure. It is one of three fine works in the collection of their new armed forces. Approved for use by her majesty’s army, the collection includes a three-handed tool called a macaque, a diving watch called Argonaut, and the arrow chronograph shown here.   watches
Although this is not the first time Bremont has worked with the military, it is the first time the brand has created watches that will bring British troops and civilians, and the line is a departure from the Bremont format that has built their watches over the past decade. I spent some time with the entire series (actually most of the bremont models), and I think the armed forces series deserves a closer look, not only because of its modern military context, but also because it lays the foundation for the future of bremont in terms of design and price.
Bremont is a brand I’ve always been interested in. Not only did the initial release dovetail with my early development as a professional watch writer, but I’ve had a brmont Solo since December 2012. I love that they are a new (er) brand, and I love that they have gone out of their way to make their replica rolex watches stand out both technically and aesthetically (think: hardened steel case, unique design, and a unified focus from the start).
Because these days there are some growing pains, but for those of us behind the product line, the development is still strong, the quality and brand have matured and the passion behind it is still focused on solid products that are worn and can stand up far beyond the standard abuses of everyday life (even for those in the military).
For the armed forces series, we not only found a new entry point in pricing (machete is $3,445), but we also found a new case design. Without going into the entire history of brmont, it is important to know that one of the core design attributes of brmont is their “tripping” in the case of using a three-piece design stacked with a lug/frame structure (usually in the case of aluminum) and in the case of steel. Most watch brands use a two-piece design (case and back), a structure that not only allows for a very cool case architecture but also changes the material, finish and color of the central case elements independently of the other components.
For the “armed forces” series, brammont opted for a more traditional two-piece design that allowed them to achieve a more affordable price. Take the arrow chronograph as an example, its hardened steel case is 42 mm wide, 15 mm thick, lug to lug 51 mm. While the eye-catching central case elements may disappear from this series, the sides of the case have some additional details, and the size is a sought-after hair set more than 43mm wide for most of the collection.