Unique Replica Omega Speedmaster Apollo 11

We know that 2019 must be an important year for fake Omega and Speedmaster. It is, after all, the 50th anniversary of the landing of the moon — an event that immortalized speed and gave a timepiece the name “Moonwatch” and envisioned for driving. The timepiece we have here is a tribute to the first timepiece worn on the moon, but with the development of foresight, this timepiece meets the technical and metrological standards required by the Omega master timepiece certification.
Powering the Omega Speedmaster Limited Edition is the new Cal. 3861, which readers will remember from our earlier introduction of the all-gold Apollo 11 50th Anniversary Moonshine. The result of four years of research and development, the cal. 3861 is the successor to the cal. 1861, but it now has a co-axial escapement, a hacking seconds function, and improved accuracy to 0+5 seconds per day, apart from the resistance to magnetic fields of up to 15,000 gauss thanks to the use of silicon components to a large extent.
The dial is gray with a black sub-dial for timing minutes, a 12 hour counter and run seconds, and has a black hour and minute track around the dial. The nine o ‘clock minute hand dial is an interesting focus. The laser engraving and bezels are made of 18-karat moongold, a new alloy that pales slightly above gold, which Omega replica developed for its long-term color stability. The ring is made of ceramic and the tachometer scale is made of ceramic.
Each piece in this series comes with a very delicate display box, which includes an additional Velcro strap with black coated cork. In the box, you’ll also find two mission patches, two nameplates with landing location coordinates, landing location and time, and a strip changer. There is also a lunar module display rack.  omega watches
This limited edition is the second new Speedmaster to use the caliber 3861, the other being the gold piece linked to earlier. But while that gold replica watch featured an open back and a movement plated in Moonshine gold, the one inside this guy is not visible and comes with rhodium-plating.
It’s no-doubt impressive that the fake Omega has brought its cal. 1861 up to the high standards set forth by its Master Chronometer Certification criteria. Since this movement is succeeding the 1861, one has to wonder whether we will finally see the new 3861 in a standard steel Speedmaster Professional. Doing so would, in theory, involve re-certifying the Speedmaster Professional for manned space flight with NASA.
Now, we have a limited edition that can go straight into the history of events and also make it what the speed is.