Best tips for starting a watch collection

Some collections start very organically, while others begin with the intention of accumulating value. I’m not going to bore you here with facts like “stick to good form” or “focus on value”. While perfectly true, both can be subjective factors for buyers and the market. Furthermore, these are relatively minor factors to consider when you should be thinking about the big picture. With these tips below, you should be able to start a killer collection and help yourself succeed with good buying habits.  2685
You probably know why you want to start a collection. But it’s also crucial to have an idea of where you want to take this passion. If you already have a certain model that you want to collect, or a certain theme that you want to stick with, then set some goals. It’s best to have goals, but don’t get too ambitious when you start collecting replica watches. Collectors build their collections, they don’t accumulate them blindly. Set yourself a reasonable budget that you can afford and don’t let yourself go over that budget.
You’ll have lots of time to shop the market and upgrade your collection. For now, just focus on collecting solid pieces that are in good condition. Ideally, they should be able to hold their value and even appreciate over time; however, the most important thing is that they are watches that you enjoy wearing.
Watches are not the kind of collectible you can hang on your wall and show off at a dinner party. Well, you can show them off at dinner parties, but you should do so while wearing them on your wrist. Watches are meant to be worn, loved, and incorporated into our lives. So when you start your collection, don’t just think about what will add the most value, think about what watch will make you want to wear it over and over again. This means you should also be realistic and consider fake watches that really fit your lifestyle. If you have to look gorgeous in the office, rough tool watches probably won’t be worn very often – even if they’re absolutely brilliant timepieces.
Now that you know your budget and have an idea of where you want to start your collection, now comes the fun part – shopping around. Don’t be in too much of a hurry to make your first purchase. Start researching what’s on the market to see where the value is and see what you can get for your money.
One of the biggest mistakes novice collectors make is not upgrading their collection. Especially if you are on a budget, you may need to sell your old watch to free up cash for a new piece. If there’s a watch you don’t wear much anymore – or if its value has really gone up – now might be a good time to sell it and continue building your collection. Remember, your watch collection is a living, breathing, evolving thing. Building it should be a fun journey. And, if the watch you sold goes to someone else who is just starting out, so much the better.