Excellent Bell & Ross BR05 Replica

The BR05 collection is obviously connected to the BR01 collection. But, as we note in our introduction, since Audemars Piguet replica introduced the first Royal Oak in 1972, it has had a clear connection to the larger world of integral stainless steel sport watches. The case shape for the BR05 watches has been in use by Bell & Ross for many years, as has the typeface on the models with Arabic numerals. And it’s a great opportunity to be persuasive enough to appreciate their value in themselves, not just as a design homage.
When we took the fake watches apart to take pictures, my first impression of them was that they were of high quality. Price points create higher expectations than you can bring if they are cheaper than they are now. However, in terms of price, the case construction and surface treatment you get is much more complex and complex than a typical steel to steel, time and date watch at this price.  unnamed
The case has been very attractively executed, with sharp transitions between brushed and polished surfaces. Care has obviously been taken over the details, including the radial alignment of the bezel screws, the construction of the crown guards, and so on. I feel the company’s use of an ampersand lends a fine mid-20th-century flavor to the proceedings. The execution of the BR05 watches, on the crown, clasp, and dial, serves to connect those two elements in particular, and the watch overall, to Bell & Ross design in general.
At lower price points, you don’t get the manual, traditional high-end sports finish, whether the movement is internal or external. So in-house vs. outsourced becomes a competition on features, durability, longevity, and accuracy. For a relatively small independent firm like Bell & Ross, developing a general purpose, multi-role automatic movement is harder to justify when there are excellent existing technical solutions, such as Sellita movements, which, in the case of the BR05 watches, allows the company to expend extra effort on case and bracelet design, manufacturing, and finishing, without raising the price to a problematic level.
Standard industrial finishing is nothing to be ashamed of, but it is usually not something to be flaunted. Now, the BR05 Skeleton makes no pretensions about the movement finishing, and the openwork is done in a plain, workmanlike fashion that suits the general vibe of the watch. However, this is like many open-dial replica watches at this price, interesting primarily for those who are fascinated by mechanisms as mechanisms, not as expressions of fineness in craft.
These warnings aside, as a whole, I find these very attractive watches personally. The casework and execution of the bracelets is very good indeed, and if the BR05 steel watches do not rise quite to the quality of, say, a Royal Oak, the price doesn’t rise to that level either. In conclusion, the BR05 collection feels to me, not only like a solid addition to the replica Bell & Ross collections, but also to the much more expensive products in this rapidly expanding watch category, it is an interesting and attractively priced option.