Introduction of Omega Seamaster PloprofCo-Axial Master Chronometer and in Titanium

omega-deville-chestnut-surface-38mm-men-watch-om3687-78 omega-deville-chestnut-surface-38mm-men-watch-om3687-78_1 omega-deville-chestnut-surface-38mm-men-watch-om3687-78_2 omega-deville-chestnut-surface-38mm-men-watch-om3687-78_3Back in 2009, Omega replica introduced the new Ploprof, or as the nomenclature tells, the Omega Seamaster Ploprof 1200m Co-Axial. This year, as seen in the newly introduced Omega Globemaster Collection (where you can find all the details about this new certification), we’ve seen again some updates, as it now features a new certification and new tests – the Master Chronometer standard.
The first change concerns the water resistance, now at 1200m – again due to the new technologies. The crown protection and locker is also improved and easier to grip but the bezel’s pushbutton is still right in place. The second change that needed to tell is in its visual aspects, which were extremely close to the classical edition. It came with the identical overall design for the case, the dial and the hands. It was still a massive watch but the construction of the case was the main update. Due to the technological advances, the case gets rid of the monobloc design and goes back to a traditional middle case, with a separated case back and bezel – considerably facilitating the service operations. Last but not least, the Omega Seamster Ploprof 2009 edition comes with a modern Co-Axial chronometer movement, the Calibre 8500.
Concerning the huge size of this Omega Seamaster Ploprof 1200m, the usage of lightweight titanium is more than welcome, as it won’t make the watch smaller but at least, easier to wear on a daily basis. The first advantage of this metal is to be more resistant to scratches and corrosion – something that professional divers will certainly like.
On the 2009 edition of the Omega Seamaster Ploprof 1200m, the bezel was made of a sapphire crystal printed (on the back) with a 60-minute scale. Several years later, in the 2015, Omega Seamaster Ploprof 1200m Co-Axial Master Chronometer, you won’t be surprised to see the arrival of ceramic, once again a more resistant material. As a matter of fact, many things that can’t be seen at first sight. No doubt, you’ll easily recognize the new dial / bezel / strap combos, but the rest of the updates is more technical. Initially introduced in 2013, this new movement began to be used widely in the collection last year, especially with the introduction of the Omega Seamaster 300m Master Co-Axial.
omega copy watches, the watch keep the exact identical shape, with its 55mm x 48mm x 17.5mm case. The main novelty is something that we totally applause: the use of titanium for both the case and the mesh bracelet (the use of titanium for such a bracelet seems to be a world’s first).The second update concerns the bezel.
The case comes with one last update: the caseback is now made of sapphire crystal, in order to offer a view on the movement. I count a minimum of 5-6 various kinds of finishing around the movement alone. Each and every surface around the movement is completed, from sunbursts around the gears to various stripes on all of the bridges, rotors and casing. The 2015 Omega Seamaster Ploprof 1200m Co-Axial Master Chronometer Titanium features the Calibre 8912, meaning the no-date edition of the movement we can find in the Omega GlobeMaster – movements that were previously know as the Master Co-Axial. It allows the movement to be resistant to magnetic fields up to 15.000 Gauss, based first on COSC standards and then on an internal process build together with METAS. Basically, we found all the technologies created by Omega, including the Co-Axial escapement and the fully anti-magnetic construction, with all the major parts made in silicon (balance wheel, escapement wheel and pallet, hairspring) or in non-magnetic metals (for the plates and bridges).
Some watches tend to stand out through brand name, others through durability and others through an out of this world design. The watch is deeply attractive under lights, the range of finishes means the watch demonstrates a complexity that belies the design which, on paper at least appears simple. The Omega Calibre 8912 features two barrels for 60 hours of power reserve and ticks at 3.5Hz. It is decorated with arabesque Geneva stripes. Accuracy for Co-Axial Master Chronometer watches is said to average -0, + 5 seconds per day.

Review of Rolex Oyster Perpetual Datejust 41 replica

Founded in 1905 in London by Hans Wilsdorf, Rolex became known for a concentration on quality movements, a relentless quest for chronometric precision and the first waterproof and dustproof watch, named the “Oyster”. Rolex watches were present during a number of historical events, including Mercedes Gleitze’s ten-hour swim across the English channel and Sir Edmund Hillary’s summit of Mount Everest.
The watch features a striking champagne dial, with hour markers made from 18 carat gold to prevent tarnishing. The Rolex Datejust is not just a passing trend in horology, but a true style. This model has transcended time thanks to its aesthetics and functions.The watch is placed on a two-toned Jubilee bracelet. The cyclops on the crystal, invented by Rolex in 1953 magnifies the date for easy reading.
The bracelet is a comfortable five-piece link metal bracelet and was designed for the launch of the Oyster Perpetual Datejust in 1945. The new model, the Oyster Perpetual Datejust 41 comes in a variety of options, allowing the wearer to customize materials, the bezel and bracelet. Influenced by the pioneering Date just, the date on this model is displayed in a window at 3 o’clock and changes instantaneously at midnight. The watch is powered by the 3235 movement, a new generation movement entirely developed and manufactured by Rolex. It is certified as a Swiss chronometer by COSC. Rolex invented and patented the world’s first self-winding mechanism in 1931 that remains at the heart of every modern replica automatic watch today. Discover more about Rolex here.

Buying guide of The replica Rolex Daytona

It seems that the black rubber round tires are about the merely similarity. How different from the world of replica watches, especially that of the Daytona. The current Daytona clearly has a lot of the heritage of the very first Daytona watches. The Daytona remains as desirable as a sports car.The Daytona name was given to commemorate their sponsorship of races held on the Daytona Beach in Florida.
When replica Rolex announced becoming the official timekeeper for the Formula 1 early December we thought it should be cool to do a Daytona-special here on Fratellowatches. Since we had a hard time time sourcing a race car from the 1960s we went way back in (Rolex) time and found one from the 1930s. This was merely saved by the outstanding play of the Broncos defense.
The first Rolex Daytonas were far from popular at the time, something that changed over the years as you possibly know. From unsalable stock to waiting lists of several years, quite an accomplishment. Although the Daytona hype isn’t the same as it was 5 years ago, it is still one of the most popular watches.
Although Rolex replica produced chronograph timepieces since the 1930s, the Rolex Cosmograph Daytona wasn’t introduced until the 1960s. Rumor has it that the interest (or hype) in the Daytona started after Paul Newman was spotted on the cover of an Italian magazine with a Daytona on his wrists. Collectors and enthusiasts bought these old Daytonas and if you bought one in the 1980s, you possibly made several very good money in the meanwhile. Such a simple yet very modern and crisp design overall, it has that classic Rolex replica look and it doesn’t.
These models lack the screwed-down pushers, which were introduced later on in the 6240, 626, 6265 etc. Having the screwed-down pushers, the case immediately got the status of ‘Oyster’. A solid investment, to say the least. In 1988, Rolex started using an automatic chronograph movement based on Zenith’s El Primero chronograph movement for their Daytona 16520. Don’t get me wrong, to each his own, but I don’t see myself wearing one of these. Rolex replica did several tweaks (for example an amplitude of 28.800bph instead of 36000bph) and labeled this movement as caliber 4030. Since 2000, Rolex is using their own developed movement in the Rolex Daytona (1)16520, caliber 4130. You know very well that the people at Rolex at very conservative design-wise so having an arrow shaped seconds hand is pretty impressive.
When you think of replica Rolex and Formula 1, the first watch that comes to mind is the Cosmograph Daytona. With its chronograph feature and tachymeter bezel this watch just breathes racing. For this occasion, we went out there and found this Formula 1 car of 2007 that has actually been used by Alonso.More over, it is the most popular chronograph watch world wide (source: Chronolytics). We guess it is a watch that is on the number 1 spot on a lot of wish lists from watch consumers, either a new one or a vintage one.

Replica IWC’s year of their Pilot’s watch

2012 was IWC’s year of their Pilot’s watch. Just before IWC is ready to launch the new Ingenieur collection in the next coming weeks at SIHH 2013, we look back at the Pilot collection with IWC’s Creative Director, Christian Knoop. The introduction party of the new Pilot collection during the SIHH in Geneva last year has been topic of several discussions. Here in The Netherlands, we had our own introduction day of the new IWC (TOP Gun) Pilot collection. A report of that day can be found by clicking here. For the Father & Son Pilot collection, we decided to use different colors for the dial and Super Luminova.
Whether it was positive or not, at least IWC got everyone’s attention for the Pilot collection. I sat down with Mr Knoop in the Dylan hotel in Amsterdam and asked him the following questions:
Mr Knoop, how did you end up working in the watch industry?
I almost had seen every type of product except cars and watches. It was actually by coincidence that I ended up in the watch industry. Compared to the products I’ve work with before, timepieces are certainly the most emotional products. That’s very special in this era. However, my team and I do more than timepieces only. We have a team of 12 designers in Schaffhausen and 5 of them are constantly working on watches. Before I started working for replica IWC, I’ve been active for a lot of different industries. Other members of the team work on our IWC boutiques, packaging, gifts and basically every visual aspect of IWC replica watches. However, the timepieces are our center point of attention.
What struck me most – besides the timepieces – is that at the basis of these products is a company with a long history which does everything by themselves from design to the actual production process of the watch. It’s just wonderful how involved our customers are with our products. Every time I talk to IWC collectors, IWC fans or to the people who visit our museum in Schaffhausen I am amazed how emotional they get about our brand. We also decided to produce both models in stainless steel (as opposed to the platinum & steel set from the previous collection), as we’ve learned that this combination should become affordable for more customers.
It really fascinates me and gives me a lot of input in my work. It displays that it is more than ‘just a watch’ to people, several people live for watches. I live for watches. The Big Pilot (Father’s watch) is an iconic watch already and has its own group of followers. Wasn’t it hard to change certain things about this replica watch, such as the black dial? On to the watches. The Pilot collection has been IWC’s focus in 2012. Let’s start with the new Pilot Father & Son timepieces that were introduced in 2012.

Custom and personalized Strapped replica Watch

It is February and we have yet another replica Watch Strap Review for you. Most strap makers use this design not because they don’t know better but because it’s a wonderful layout and looks great on almost any watch, vintage or new. Shell Cordovan is popular leather among strap makers and leather craftsmen in general. The smooth shiny finish makes it unmistakable and the stamp on the back guarantees that what you have is indeed the real deal. The edges are not merely smooth but also rounded, giving the strap an extra comfortable feel and -sit on the wrist.
From now on let me call them SWC as a, it is much easier and b, this is how they refer to themselves. Not too long ago I received an Instagram DM from Shawn, the man behind this project. He seemed like a very humble yet professional guy and nice chap in general. Now let’s look at the measurement; 13cm and 8cm in length, 20mm in width and 4mm in thickness. They are pretty standard sizes I think. We discussed a few things regarding the review, like we usually do, and agreed that Shawn should send me a few samples of his work for the upcoming review. Let me emphasize that throughout the process he has proven to be pretty much one of the most helpful and easy guys I have ever dealt with. SWC gets the same raw leather so instead of buying old balls and cutting them up they just use the leather straight from the manufacturer. For that, I thank you very much, Shawn.
The company is located in Chicago, the same city where watch sensation and friend of Fratello replica Watches, Oak & Oscar hails from. The rest is history, as they say and we are happy that we can help cementing SWC’s name into the walk of fame of strap makers. Something must be in the air in Chi-Town when it comes to timepieces as besides the above-mentioned guys our last swiss cheap replica Watches Strap Review contestant, Rover Haven Straps, also comes from near the Windy City (well, Michigan, but close!), just like the late Speedmaster legend, Chuck Maddox. Not that I do not have a good relationship with guys we review but he was extremely nice and helpful. The driving force behind establishing the brand for Shawn, like in most cases, was the lack of a decent strap for his first nice watch, again like in most cases. Don’t worry, I’ve tried one made from a baseball glove, an actual baseball, but I have yet to see one made of a football.
Custom Football Strap
This strap is absolutely fine, sits comfortably and does not make my skin itch at all. I received 3 straps from Shawn, 3 different yet unified ones. All of them are made of Horween leather (what else, right?) yet they look and feel completely different. SWC uses tanned leather from the best American tanneries including Horween (also Chicago-based). During my time as a writer for straps and accessories in general I have come across a good few sports-inspired straps. Even though we try and find strap makers from around the world we also have to give space for guys coming from the same country, especially if we’re talking about countries like the US or Italy where many craftsmen are dealing with leather goods. Meaning that the company (Wilson) producing the actual footballs for the NFL has to buy leather from Horween. Technically this one is not made of a football either but the actual leather the footballs are made of. Let me elaborate; Horween is the licensed (only) supplier of leather for the NFL. However, Strapped Watch Co. is happy to work with your measurements if you want to have one custom-made, like my brother Michael Baby-wrist Stockton should have I’m always afraid of these sports straps as I tend to think they should be stiff and uncomfortable in the wrist…. and I’m always wrong.
All in all, it’s a cool summer strap alternative for your go-to watch. It should look cool on an Oak & Oscar (I’m looking at you, Chase). In fact, I wore it while watching the Super Bowl so it already has several nice history attached to it. The price of this stunning Strapped Watch Co. NATO strap is $75 (€66) that seems like a fair price in my book.The price of this awesome is around $85 (about €75), which is actually quite decent in my opinion. It should be the flawless match. I’m enjoying it on my vintage Angelus and I have a feeling it will not leave the cheap swiss replica watches anytime soon. But this is something else, elegant yet sporty and special.

The Replica Rolex Oyster Perpetual Yacht-Master with new Oysterflex bracelet

There’s a concept in the world of watch enthusiasts that’s referred to as ‘only one watch’. For the majority of the population, this concept is better known as ‘normality’. However, the Rolex Yacht-Master 116655 is more than a novelty bracelet – it’s perhaps replica Rolex’s sportiest watch yet.
If you heard any prediction related to the new replica Rolex Yacht-Master at Baselworld 2015, that must be a lie. It’s an entirely left-field move for a company whose mantra is evolution, not revolution, and whiles the watch is an eminently modern update to the Yacht-Master line (the matte black bezel, the matte black dial), it’s the brand new Oysterflex bracelet that has stolen the display.
Thus, what’s it really look like? It’s an astonishingly sporty model – especially for a gold watch. To a large extent, this is because of the strap, though the matte black Cerachrom bezel certainly helps.
What’s astonishing as well is just how stealth this watch is. A gold sports Rolex more often than not rates fairly high on the bling-o-meter, but I doubt the Everose Yacht-Master will fly under the radar, with merely glints of gold from the indices to catch the eye. The fact that Rolex is one of the few companies with a presence on the courts is further testament to the strength of the partnership.
The replica watches comes in two sizes: not the standard 35mm for the mini Yacht-Master but 37mm (with the new Syloxi equipped calibre 2236) and 40 (calibre 3135). There are many clients require to Rolex for resisting the urge to go with bigger case sizes. The other surprise about the watch is how vintage the dial looks: the logo of Rolex is made of gold, Chromalight filled applied gold indices and single line red text all combines to innovate a watch dial that takes inspiration from the coveted gilt dials and red line references in the world of vintage Rolex.
Many people prefer to use superb and wrist watches. Watches happen to be regarded as crazy and carefully selected presents to family members. At past occasions, people normally wear out watches with regard to seeing time. But presently, watches happen to be worn-out by many people for fashion and jewelry ornaments.
After handled, the watch feels substantial and solid. That the introduction of a new bracelet is one of the most talked about things at Baselworld is indicative of the power and influence of Rolex, especially in the year of real news, in the year of Smart watches. Most people apply certain designer and splendid watches to provide those to their closed and family members. You will find various brands of watches you’ll find. In this case, what on earth is the reason that is so crucial and what what’s so good about it?
This bracelet, made from what Rolex are calling ‘Elastomer’ is, not surprisingly, hi-tech. The advantage of Elastomer over traditional rubber is better durability. Some watches tend to stand out through brand name, others through durability and others through an out of this world design. And, sorry in advance to other Rolex replica model wearers wanting to jack this gear, the attachment system of bracelet to watch case is exclusive to this Yacht-Master, so don’t get your hopes up about fitting one onto your Sub just yet.
Replica Rolex is prestigious name that personify the spirit and the legacy of professional tennis and fine watch making. For the last 37 years these two institutions have been partnered together. It would now be almost unthinkable to imagine the courts without the crown on the scoreboard or the Rolex clock on the ivy covered walls. What is important is that this Rolex replica is unique and merely people who genuinely love rolex will appreciate it. Have a look at this Rolex Yacht-Master replica and see for yourself. Everything that made Rolex the giant that it is today is there, but with a twist.

Time Captain is a fan of the U-Boat replica watches?

I have been completely overhauling my timepiece collection recently. In the process, I actually found myself Panerai-less for a few days. I actually thought I could do it. But within a couple of days, I felt like something was very wrong. Something was missing… TimeCaptain had lost his mojo.
Allow me to set the stage. For the past couple of years, I have been craving an oversized pilot piece with the vintage and legendary ETA 6497 Unitas physically wound movement. The Archimede XL Pilot was my favorite. As you may know, if you are a fan of timepiece collecting, this brand is all about the case. The complicated structure, incorporating classical and modern techniques and materials embodies ‘the art of fusion’ – a philosophy at the centre of the brand’s identity. I found the riot of textures and materials constantly engaging. It’s the same concept. But these pieces are not easy to find in Montreal. You would need to import one. Soon, I found myself with a new Panerai on my wrist one with that unmistakable watch dial. And I felt like… TimeCaptain got his mojo back!
I can hear you all now. I can. I’ve heard it before. Replica U-Boat is a tacky fashion brand. It’s awful. It’s for 17-year-old’s who just graduated from high school. It’s for muscle heads who wear skin-tight t-shirts and grease their hair before going to the club. Yeah, yeah. I, in point of fact, don’t deny most of this. The problem, in fact, was not having a Panerai at all to strap on my wrist. While I had plenty of other cool pieces to choose from, it hurt to not have an example of my favorite brand to sport during meetings and presentations. I have very thick wrists at almost 7 1/2″ so I can pull off 45mm+ replica watches. A 44mm Luminor does not even look big on me. The SMALL U-Boats are 45mm so the sizes are interesting for me. Current U-Boat timepieces are using ETA movements. How does that differ from Bell & Ross or Longines? U-Boat does not have the heritage, however, you have to love their direction- they went from quartz to Japanese Miyota and then to Swiss ETA. If you like the style of a U-Boat and it uses the same movement as Bell & Ross or something, and then certainly it is a right watch?
And it is a sandwich dial. I mean, you can find all of these features on Luminor models such as the 111. For me, the U-Boat was just a fun toy- something not-too-serious- to strap on once in a while for kicks. And that movement…
Adam has taught me to blog about the feel of a timepiece. At the end of the day, timepieces are absolutely unnecessary luxuries so it’s all about how they make you feel. OK so let’s get back to the ad on Canadian Watch Collector (CWC). So here is this replica U-Boat… a brand I had always considered as an outside candidate for my watch box. Being pre-owned, the price was very very acceptable. As I looked it over, the U-Boat ticked all of the boxes. Oversized? Try 50mm!!! It had my target ETA 6497 movement. And style? You can see for yourself. As for certain, there is a lot of Panerai effect and the style will not be suitable everyone. And people will say the U-Boat is a cheap immitation of Panerai (even with its name hinting at WWII). But I really like the more classic style of certain replica U-Boat models. And this one was all black and stealth something that has been missing from my collection. The U-Boat was being provided at a lower price, which provided a quite distinct style and color scheme to my collection. It had a beautiful box set and it was powered by the very movement I desired.
At the same time, the replica U-Boat just oozes Panerai essence and DNA. It’s manually wound, basic, non-in-house-movement feels authentic and true to Panerai history. Despite the Radiomir not having the Luminor’s crown protector, the U-Boat replica watches looks PANERAI. Anybody who looks at it will know it’s a Panerai. And for me, that’s the whole point! I just wanted something that looks and feels like a Panerai.

American flagship store of Replica Panerai is located in Miami

Panerai tells us that the boutique is sophisticated, contemporary, innovative and elegant and, at the same time, welcoming. I’ll let you be the judge of that, and after your visit, please let me know how you liked it.
Although it’s still summer now, I’m sure that some of you are already planning and preparing your upcoming stay in Florida. It’s very luck that you are looking through this blog, since the American flagship store of Panerai replica watches will be opened in Miami, there is one more thing you may want to add to your to-do list. Specifically, the shop will be located at the center of the Miami Design District.
Signed by the popular and famous Spanish architect and designer, Patricia Urquiola, the boutique extends over an area of 2,200 square feet on two floors with two distinct entrance gates driving the biggest replica Panerai point of sale in the United States to date.
In terms of the new boutique, the artist has used calacatta luccicoso veined marble, bronze and wood, materials and the history of Officine Panerai watch is faultlessly indicated: there are apparent references both to its Florentine origins and to the universe of the sea, considering the brand’s historic role in offering accuracy instruments to the particular forces of the Italian Navy between the 1930s and the 1950s.
The fixture hangs in the center of each floor of the boutique, which, as well, has a metal and gold finish reminiscent of classic nautical instruments. The second floor has been intentionally designed as a private area for exclusive collectors and, further, there is an exhibition space to host works by modern artists and designers as well.
One of the most unique elements of the boutique is the custom chandelier: a suspended series of disks, rings and lamps devised and designed by Replica Panerai Patricia Urquiola, particularly made and inspired by Panerai movements.

A touching story about replica TAG Heuer ambassador Cara Delevingne and lions

As the ambassador of TAG Heuer, Cara Delevingne, recently, auctions her TAG Heuer watch for line conservation. Why she would do this now? The reason is that last month, the lion, named Cecil was killed by an American dentist Walter Palmer, and not after long period, Cecil’s cub was yesterday killed by a rival male lion. Tragic stuff. Besides, we assume that Cara Delevingne quite like animals, especially lions, because she has one tattooed on her right index finger.
Delevingne think she needs to do something about it. She has listed her personal prototype replica TAG Heuer Carrera Signature Edition, with a lion engraved on the case back, for sale on eBay.
Cara’s call to arms:
The killing of Cecil the Lion was a tragedy, Delevingne says on the eBay page. Today JOIN ME to help the scientists who care about the future of wild lions in Africa and work very hard on their conservation. Before the officially open sale of my replica TAG Heuer Signature Edition, I made up my mind to auction my personal timepiece prototype. I merely wore this watch on several occasions and during the last Monaco Grand Prix. No doubt that all the money will be donated to, the research unit that followed Cecil for many years. SO LET’S JOIN FORCES. Until 10th of August BST (that’d be today), the auction has been ended. At the time of publishing the highest bid was £9,200 ($19,266 AUD) after 86 bids.
This is great if you’re worried about an approaching lightning storm or happen to be an artillery officer, however you may be challenged to find daily scenarios where it’s useful. Aside from this odd choice in chronograph scale (however then again – who even uses them?) TAG Heuer replica watches should be applauded for drawing inspiration from their iconic Carrera models, while exercising enough restraint to not mess with what made the design great. As a part of the University of Oxford, WildCRU has been working to conserve lions in the wild. Cecil the lion was part of WildCRU’s research group.

Celebration of replica Breitling 20 years

As watch brands go replica Breitling isn’t exactly subtle. It takes a fairly tremendous amount of self-confidence to promote your watch as being tougher, more precise and generally more bad-ass than a freaking aircraft carrier. There is a long story between Breitling and he pilot’s watch of choice, however, it was the Breitling replica Emergency that solidified the company’s commitment to aviators and adventurers around the world with one genuinely unique complication the individual locator beacon. One of the most interesting Breitling collections of recent years is pilot model.
The story started with Ernest Schneider, the man who acquired replica Breitling in 1979 when it was on the verge of collapse, and kept it afloat during the quartz crisis, thanks to a new generation of iconic replica Breitling models. In an uncharacteristically playful move from the Swiss giant, these are a breath of fresh, colorfully contrasting air. DuringWorld War II, an officer with the Swiss Army signal corps as well as a energetic pilot and engineer, he was involved in communication at a NATO conference in the mid-1980s about emergency beacons and the high incidence of false activation which cost the related authorities a large amount of time and money. It was at these talks that the concept of a timepiece with a individual locator beacon was released. Along with the meeting, Breitling started to work with Dassault Electronique to innovate durable beacon technology which could be embed into a wristwatch and after ten years of development, the Breitling Emergency was proclaimed.
Released in 1995, the Emergency chartered a beacon which, when activated, transmitted a signal on the global distress frequency of 121.5MHz (for owners in the military, the micro-transmitter was changed to manage on the military distress band). This transmission could be received up-to 167km away and was directional, offering authorities to locate the beacon with great performance. Originally the Emergency was merely accessible to licensed pilots, however, gradually the titanium watch was provided to the general public once a document was signed acknowledging their responsibilities in paying for rescue intentions in the event of a false alarm. In this case, some military units even gifted the timepieces to their pilots as an unofficial insurance policy, with unconfirmed reports that the Emergency complemented official beacon systems and contributed to successful rescue missions. At the same time, Breitling offered to replace the watch at no charge to the owner, if the transmitter was utilised during a true emergency situation.
Among 1995 and 2010, when the first Emergency model was finally discontinued, 40,000 units were sold, allegedly helping save dozens of lives – and in accord to Breitling, not a single false alarm was ever reported as having come from an Emergency replica watch. Nevertheless, false alarms generally were on the rise, and in 2009 the old 121.5MHz frequency began being phased-out as the primary distress frequency for global search and rescue, which meant it was time for Breitling replica watches to begin work on a new model.
Early Breitling Emergency catalogue.
The new frequency is monitored by the international search and rescue program known as Cospas-Sarsat, with the 406MHz band able to be received by low-level satellites and ground antennae. The digital encoding allows for fewer false alarms as well as a far greater range, but tends to lack the accuracy of the original 121.5MHz. The 406MHz transmitter also requires a much bigger battery to be powered effectively. Daily Mail article from 2003 detailing the Emergency being used in a rescue.
The plan was to come back, bigger and better than ever, and four years later the Emergency II was launched. Along with the initial121.5MHz homing signal, the watch – which was now technically categorized as a personal locator beacon (PLB) by authorities – now also transmitted on the digitally-encoded 406MHz frequency.