Introduction of Rolex in-house movement


rolex-day-date-automatic-watch-39 rolex-day-date-automatic-watch-39_1 rolex-day-date-automatic-watch-39_2We hope our guides, which are designed to answer broader questions about watch buying as well as provide watch brand and model specific guides, provide a good frame of reference for anyone on the hunt for a timepiece. Rolex as well say that they have “totally automated the process of how the waterproof-ness, self-winding capacity and power reserve of 100 per cent of Rolex watches” are tested.
While it was no news that Rolex submitted its watches to stringent in-house tests, the Day-Date 40 marked the start of a new in-house certification process. All this is done to ensure the watches’ reliability, robustness and even their resistance to magnetism and shocks. Now, Rolex has quietly extended its Rolex Superlative Chronometer Certification to its entire production, meaning that all Rolex Oyster and Cellini watches will be tested by replica Rolex to meet its stringent -2/+2 seconds accuracy ratings. Here’s how it all works. Precisely, that means that over the course of these tests, all watches must perform within an average of -2/+2 seconds per day.
Until recently, Rolex has been casing up these COSC certified movements and been submitting them for internal certification, complementing that of COSC. For ages (several more about history further below), Rolex has been submitting its movements to the independent COSC chronometer certification tests – and that will not change, as Rolex will continue to send all its movements to COSC. The movements that pass the test will get their COSC Officially Certified Chronometer marking and then are transferred back to Rolex. This means that the uncased movements are sent over to COSC’s facilities in Biel and Saint-Imier, where each uncased movement is individually tested for a whole of fifteen days, in five diverse positions, at three diverse temperatures.
During these tests, the Fake Watches are checked to run within a maximum average deviation of -4/+6 seconds per day. In practice, Rolex has developed and re-designed its own state-of-the-art testing facilities and its proprietary methodology that is built around testing completely cased up replica watches.
For those hopeful eBay buyers not looking for a dive watch, fear not, as we have added buying guides for several popular replica watches to our library. Automating such series of complex tasks and tests must have been one immense challenge to overcome, there hardly is any other watch manufacture in Switzerland that would compare to Rolex’s know-how in automatic processes while ensuring extremely high quality of execution. As promised, a bit of history: in the past, watches were designated as chronometers by their own manufacturer to highlight watches with especially accurate movements.
Needless to say, this self-appointed use of the term led to several cases of fraudulent abuse by several watch makers, which in turn ultimately necessitated official certification. It is this stricter-than-COSC process that makes Rolex add the “Superlative” term to its Chronometer designations on the dials of its Oyster collection watches.Rolex started to have its watches officially certified as early as the late 1930s, and it was at this time that it started marking its dials not with the term “Chronometer” however with “Officially Certified Chronometer.”
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