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It is February and we have yet another replica Watch Strap Review for you. Most strap makers use this design not because they don’t know better but because it’s a wonderful layout and looks great on almost any watch, vintage or new. Shell Cordovan is popular leather among strap makers and leather craftsmen in general. The smooth shiny finish makes it unmistakable and the stamp on the back guarantees that what you have is indeed the real deal. The edges are not merely smooth but also rounded, giving the strap an extra comfortable feel and -sit on the wrist.
From now on let me call them SWC as a, it is much easier and b, this is how they refer to themselves. Not too long ago I received an Instagram DM from Shawn, the man behind this project. He seemed like a very humble yet professional guy and nice chap in general. Now let’s look at the measurement; 13cm and 8cm in length, 20mm in width and 4mm in thickness. They are pretty standard sizes I think. We discussed a few things regarding the review, like we usually do, and agreed that Shawn should send me a few samples of his work for the upcoming review. Let me emphasize that throughout the process he has proven to be pretty much one of the most helpful and easy guys I have ever dealt with. SWC gets the same raw leather so instead of buying old balls and cutting them up they just use the leather straight from the manufacturer. For that, I thank you very much, Shawn.
The company is located in Chicago, the same city where watch sensation and friend of Fratello replica Watches, Oak & Oscar hails from. The rest is history, as they say and we are happy that we can help cementing SWC’s name into the walk of fame of strap makers. Something must be in the air in Chi-Town when it comes to timepieces as besides the above-mentioned guys our last swiss cheap replica Watches Strap Review contestant, Rover Haven Straps, also comes from near the Windy City (well, Michigan, but close!), just like the late Speedmaster legend, Chuck Maddox. Not that I do not have a good relationship with guys we review but he was extremely nice and helpful. The driving force behind establishing the brand for Shawn, like in most cases, was the lack of a decent strap for his first nice watch, again like in most cases. Don’t worry, I’ve tried one made from a baseball glove, an actual baseball, but I have yet to see one made of a football.
Custom Football Strap
This strap is absolutely fine, sits comfortably and does not make my skin itch at all. I received 3 straps from Shawn, 3 different yet unified ones. All of them are made of Horween leather (what else, right?) yet they look and feel completely different. SWC uses tanned leather from the best American tanneries including Horween (also Chicago-based). During my time as a writer for straps and accessories in general I have come across a good few sports-inspired straps. Even though we try and find strap makers from around the world we also have to give space for guys coming from the same country, especially if we’re talking about countries like the US or Italy where many craftsmen are dealing with leather goods. Meaning that the company (Wilson) producing the actual footballs for the NFL has to buy leather from Horween. Technically this one is not made of a football either but the actual leather the footballs are made of. Let me elaborate; Horween is the licensed (only) supplier of leather for the NFL. However, Strapped Watch Co. is happy to work with your measurements if you want to have one custom-made, like my brother Michael Baby-wrist Stockton should have I’m always afraid of these sports straps as I tend to think they should be stiff and uncomfortable in the wrist…. and I’m always wrong.
All in all, it’s a cool summer strap alternative for your go-to watch. It should look cool on an Oak & Oscar (I’m looking at you, Chase). In fact, I wore it while watching the Super Bowl so it already has several nice history attached to it. The price of this stunning Strapped Watch Co. NATO strap is $75 (€66) that seems like a fair price in my book.The price of this awesome is around $85 (about €75), which is actually quite decent in my opinion. It should be the flawless match. I’m enjoying it on my vintage Angelus and I have a feeling it will not leave the cheap swiss replica watches anytime soon. But this is something else, elegant yet sporty and special.